Dyslexia Assessment

Dyslexia causes undue suffering at school, at college and in the workplace. With a full assessment, you or your child can get a complete picture of where you need help, an assessment report for your school or employer to implement, and a plan to get you or your child back on track.

We offer comprehensive dyslexia assessment, including psychological tests and visual screening.

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Children can fall behind at school with only minor reading problems. A full dyslexia assessment can show where your child needs help, and a report to their school will mean they can get the special attention they need.


Students struggle at uni if any reading problem goes undiagnosed. Perhaps you're having difficulty keeping up at college. Or maybe your uni's dyslexia service has recommended an evaluation. We can give you a full assessment. You'll get the help you need at uni, and a full plan to bring your study skills up to speed.


Millions of adults are held back at work because they struggle with reading. Have you been passed over for promotion or suffered undue stress in the workplace? If your employer has a full evaluation from a professional psychologist, they can put in place measures to help you reach your potential.


We are developmental psychologists with years of experience studying dyslexia and other developmental disorders, working with hundreds of children and adults. We are chartered members of the British Psychological Society, and have spent many years developing ways of assessing and understanding dyslexia.


Call us on 023  9233 0592  or use our Contact form.